How much does a basement finish cost?

The answer is… it depends – but let me explain.  When an estimator from ElkStone visits your home for a free comprehensive consultation for a basement finish (sometimes referred to as a basement remodel or basement refinish) they’ll ask you a number of questions.  What they want to find out is exactly what you want and need for the new finished basement space.  Then one of our estimators will walk the unfinished basement with you to see what you have in mind and they’ll also provide suggestions based on their hundreds of basement designs they drawn previously.  Interestingly, a medium sized basement of about 1000 square feet is usually pretty simple to draw a plan for because there’s only so many places to locate the bedroom and bathroom.  The basement bedroom has to be located next to an egress window or a new egress window has to be cut in.  We like to “go with the flow’ to keep it simple and costs down.  Typically a basement finish will include the following; a bedroom, bath, and rec area.  Then there’s a plethora of other items you can add like a wet bar, fireplace, theater, billiards area, and the list goes on.  To see basement photos you can visit:


Anyhow, the real small basements and the large unfinished basements are more of a challenge to design.   With large unfinished basements there’s so many options that it can become a little overwhelming.  However, what we like to do is a design rough draft for your basement plan and see what you think.  Most of the time when you’re considering a basement plan, it’s a process.  Occasionally we’ll get it right the first time but often times it’s a back and forth with you to discover exactly the plan you’ll be satisfied with.  The design is one of the most important issues to consider when finishing your basement so make sure you’re comfortable with that before building because you’re the one who has to live with it and see it every day.  ElkStone can render  your basement design plan in 3D so we can fly over it and walk through to help you conceptualize the basement space.   ElkStone’s basement estimators have designed hundreds of basement plans so they’re experts and have clever ways to design around features in the basement that can make it challenging such as structural posts and furnaces.

Once you approve a rough draft they’ll complete the estimate which is a 400 line item basement cost worksheet.  This is ElkStone’s way of determining exactly what it’ll cost to build your basement.  We can tell you how many linear feet of baseboard we’ll need, number of light switches, and even how many sheets of drywall it’ll take for us to build your basement.  We like to be more on the precise side of the equation when it comes to pricing your basement.  Once we give you a price to finish your basement, that price won’t change.  Our basement proposal priced is fixed and won’t change.  So our comprehensive basement estimate does several important things for us.  First, since we know exactly what it costs to build your basement we can be more competitive since we don’t have to add in more margin because of uncertainty.  Second, we know we’ll always be profitable as a business which allows us to provide the full level of service which you deserve.

When contractors who don’t do their homework and find out during construction that they aren’t making any money on your job they’ll switch priorities to other jobs leaving your basement project neglected and you frustrated.  In extreme cases they’ll cut corners and or walk off your job.  I know because we’ve finished basements where another basement contractor started the job and then went missing.  The appeal of the low price they offer can be too resisting and if they have references that’ll seal the deal and the unfortunate circumstances that will follow.  But since ElkStone knows exactly what’ll it cost to build your basement we can competently complete the basement project making the job mutually satisfying.  Back to the original question of “How much does a basement finish cost”?

Okay, so now you know how we get to our pricing but here’s some guidelines that will explain basement prices further.  A price per square or PSF is a common means of quoting a basement price.  The only problem with this is it’s not accurate.  It’s an example of a true ballpark price.  ElkStone does however track PSF but only after we completed our comprehensive worksheet, then we look backwards to see what is the basement PSF.  We use PSF as a point of reference and not a means to price a basement.  The smaller the basement the higher the PSF cost because of large fixed costs such as a bathroom, fireplace, or wet bar for example.  Regardless of size, the price for these items doesn’t change so if you put them in a small basement it’ll be a high PSF and inversely with a large basement.  There might be a linear equation if all basement costs weren’t fixed but that’s simply not the case.  Take the cost of a basement bathroom for example.  It’s a large fixed cost that will be same whether it’s in a 2500 square foot basement or a 500 square foot basement so that’ll throw off the PSF formula.

If you receive a basement estimate price in the $20.00 PSF range – beware!  It’s possible but you’ll need to do your due diligence and there’ll be a few items you’ll have to compromise on.  Check for licensing and insurance.  If they offer you this cheap basement finish price then ask you to pull the permit or put the basement finish permit under your name then they’re not licensed.  This could also mean they’ll be doing work only licensed contractors are permitted to do such as electrical wiring and plumbing.  You wouldn’t believe some of the safety hazards and absurd building methods we’ve seen over the years.  We ask ourselves; “what was this guy thinking when he built this”, just ridiculous stuff.  It would seem an electrical fire and plumbing flood would be imminent with some of the stuff we’ve seen.  What is compromised is the timeline and maybe the quality too.  Usually the low price guys do all the work themselves which may seem appealing at first because you’re only working with one or two guys but that also means it’ll take forever.  Like six month or something.

The one unique feature that makes ElkStone special and stand out from not only the one guy who does it all but all basement contractors in Denver is that ElkStone will finish a basement in less than 4 weeks.  This is three times faster than normal which is 8 – 12 weeks.  So you get to move in 2 months early with ElkStone and we don’t charge extra for that either.  Three months is a long time for contractors coming in and out of your house, making noise and dust.  You will be so ready for that to be over that it often makes for a bad experience.  This brings me to another side note, the “ElkStone experience”.  We not only provide uncompromising craftsmanship at a great price but we try and make the construction a good experience as well.  What other contractor has that as one of their top priories?  We can’t guarantee a pleasant experience because when your working with people and dealing with construction – things can go wrong, but we pride ourselves on how we handle that.  I’ll cover this in another basement and remodeling blog.

Back to pricing; the other end of basement cost is upwards of $80 PSF.  This price could be from a really small basement with a lot of features or a high end custom basement.  You would typically see a high price like this from a basement contractor who has a showroom with full time architects and interior designers or a basement finisher who’s taking advantage of you because they think you have unlimited money.  Our basements simply don’t get this high because our pricing is fixed which is based on cost plus markup.  Regardless of the home you live in or your budget amount, our price “is what it is”.  ElkStone believes in ‘best price first’ so there won’t be any gimmicks to get you to ‘sign up with us today’, or ‘sale, today only’.  So in conclusion, you should expect to pay between $40 and $60 per square foot but it totally depends on how many square feet you’ll be finishing in your basement and how many features you choose to include.

If you’re interested in having a free basement finish estimate then please feel free to email me at or call 303-656-9006, or fill out a contact request at

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  1. Basement Renovation says:

    Great post! And ther’s really no way to know exactly how much you’re going to pay… I mean that even if you manage to find a great contractor and everything, the given estimate does not include complications that may appear during the course of the work. So you really have to be ready to pay some additional amounts…

  2. Desiree says:

    You’re making it so hard for me to be happy for you and not completely JEALOUS! Your home is gorgeous. We’re preparing to undergo a basement remodel, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it looks like this :)

  3. Chris B. says:

    Great way to inform prospective buyers of the range of costs they can expect when doing a basement finishing project. So often consumers have no idea or a very misinformed one based on quotes from a handyman or a friend who is a “contractor”. They may even have gone down to the local big box hardware store and priced out basic material and think they have a clue.

    Thanks for having such good information available to set them on the right course.

  4. Johnson says:

    Wow, beautiful work presented here. Really a well-planned and perfectly executed home renovation project enhances a home’s value.

  5. Basement Finishing says:

    Great post! Been reading a lot about getting my basement finished. Thanks for the info here!

  6. Drew says:

    There are always plenty of costs that you can cut out of your project and still create a great space. If pricing is what you are worried about then a good contractor will be able to work with you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Keith E. Caro says:

    Your guideline cost of $35 to $55 PSF is of a great help to me. I have called ELKSTONE and requested an estimate for finishing our basement here in Parker. We are on a budget as I’m sure many people you deal with are.
    I to have been an estimator and a Heavy Construction Civil Engineer for many years. However the kind of projects I have estimated are much different from yours.
    Your entire blog on how much does a basement finish cost has been very helpful.
    Thank You

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